Feature Friday-White Chocolate Decadence Brownies

Leigh Anne loves to spend time in the kitchen creating yummy treats for her family. Her site is filled with beautiful cooking, decorating, crafting and party ideas. You'll find her at Your Home Based Mom.
White Chocolate Decadence Brownies?
dec-a-dence [dek-uh-duh ns] unrestrained or excessive self indulgence.

Oh my. Leigh Anne is our kind of people.  Check out the recipe here.

 Love her idea for a pink bridal shower...

Have a great Father's Day weekend. Here's what I'll be doing.
That's my (6'3, 14 yr old) baby, catching.


  1. These look really good but I don't see a recipe anywhere. Can you please post the recipe, I really want to try them, thanks!

  2. The white brownies are so gorgeous, I have to make them asap. Thanks for the link to Leigh Anne's site, I can't wait to check it out.

  3. Delicious looking chocolate. I love all of your delicious food pics. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  4. What beautiful brownies. Too pretty for words. Hope the game was fun (and won).

  5. Thanks for sharing the brownies and the bridal shower. Glad you liked them!


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